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Illegal Immigration Contract with America


step #1 http://bit.ly/oBuTUd Border Issues

Have we forgotten anything?
DISCUSSION FORUM: http://bit.ly/qesF0B

Secure The Border
Border Apprehensions 1987-2011 http://bit.ly/glHWhz.
Border Drug Intercepts 1999-2011 http://bit.ly/dVkcwD
The Border, Wild Bill Style http://bit.ly/oILlfG
DoJ report, 900,000 criminal members of 20,000 gangs
run the illegal drug trade in 2,500 American cities. http://exm.nr/nUqWfK
The Underreporting of Crime is Epidemic
Border Invasion Pics http://borderinvasionpics.com/
Station our military along our Southern Border
Myths about Posse Comitatus http://bit.ly/adX0E9
Subject: Observations on the Costs and Benefits in
Helping to Secure the Southwest Land Border

We, the people, demand 40,000? armed troops at our Southwest Border
Effective Inauguration Day Sunday, Jan. 20, 2013

Add to the Border Fence.
Southwest Border Fence http://bit.ly/gjVCp9

Make being in our country illegally a criminal offense,
preferably a low-level felony, including a permanent ban from being in the U.S.

The Dept.of Labor Promises Fair Wages to Illegal Aliens:
Labor Dept. focused on illegals' 'rights'

Mandate E-Verify by all employers
8,000,000 Illegal Immigrant Workers http://bit.ly/hnHEbs
E-Verify http://bit.ly/gO6lYf
E-VERIFY Self-Check now Operational in most States
including federal, state and local governments for all workers.
Companies will have one year to replace their illegal workers.
American workers (citizens and legal immigrants with a work visa) will be given
a reasonable amount of time to correct errors in the database. If the employee
cannot verify legal presence in the United States they will be discharged and reported
to I.C.E. DHS will mail out the “no-match letters” to every employer who is reporting
withholdings where the name and social security account number don’t match.

Unclog the Court System by Fast-Tracking and Expediting
the prosecution and deportation of illegals
Illegal Immigration Case Backlog Still Growing in FY2011
We will not allow other nations citizens to further burden the taxpayers of America,
bringing our great nation into a stall condition, with this prohibitively expensive,
unnecessary burden. Fully expedite the court system in this case,
expediting the deportation of illegals. Pres. Obama just granted amnesty
to 300,000 illegals in the stalled deportation waiting line.
Immigration Prosecutions for June 2011 http://bit.ly/owfMdH

Increased Interior Enforcement.
Secure Communities - 287(g) http://bit.ly/h5QQhQ
CHECKPOINT: Hawthorne license check results http://bit.ly/o910J7 130 citations and towed 88 vehicles
Encourage state and local law enforcement agencies to enforce federal immigration laws
in the course of their regular law enforcement duties. Federal funds will be provided
for training and incarceration of illegal alien. Expand 287g, Expedite Secure Communities

Purge Illegals from All Entitlements.
Mandate E-Verify for entitlements
Consolidate the 80? different entitlements and grants,
under a single separate Dept.
Audit Shows Illegal Workers Used Tax Credit To Pocket $4.2 Billion http://fxn.ws/oroiRt
EITC http://bit.ly/foyBWO
Food Stamps http://bit.ly/fdqIHW
HUD spent $63 billion in FY2010 http://bit.ly/gJFX6c
Unemployment http://bit.ly/dRYmbm
Welfare http://bit.ly/fJ7gY8
Applicants for taxpayer funded services will be required to provide proof of legal residence.
Government agencies will verify legal status before providing any service or benefit
(emergency healthcare excepted).

End Birthright Citizenship by statute.
Birthright Citizenship http://bit.ly/fvesJQ
The 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution was not adopted to confer citizenship
on those born to illegal aliens. The federal government will only provide a social security
number to a newborn if one of the parents can prove legal status in the U.S.

Ensuring that everyone registering to vote proves their eligibility.
Requiring a valid picture I.D. at the polling places for federal elections.
Election officials will check to ensure the name on the I.D. matches the
name on the list of voters provided to poll workers.

Cut off federal funding to sanctuary cities.
that do not follow and obey federal law.
Sanctuary Cities http://bit.ly/e9JPBy

Deport incarcerated illegal alien criminals the day they are released
Secure Communities - 287(g) http://bit.ly/h5QQhQ
Immigration authorities will identify illegal alien prisoners in federal and state prisons
and county jails and begin deportation (rubber-stamped) proceedings while they are in custody.

Fixing the Deficit/Debt http://bit.ly/qzeKC0

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