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Federal Issues - Defense Spending - Defense Spending .vs Total Revenues - Nuclear
Defense Spending

03-23-2014 7 years behind schedule, and $163 billion over budget, Navy is cutting its orders for F-35s, in half. (60 Minutes update)

02-20-2014 Here’s What 60 Minutes Didn’t Tell You About the F-35

02-18-2014 DOD Is Stuck with a Flawed $1.5 Trillion Fighter Jet

02-16-2014 F-35 fighter plane cost overruns detailed

02-13-2014 U.S. to Keep 11 Aircraft Carriers Despite Cost, Vulnerability Concerns:

Navy Looking For Some F-35 Relief … $299.5 million per F-35C

01-25-2014 Report warns software problems could delay F-35

The Five Most Deadly and Expensive Military Weapons

When it comes to the F-35, numbers count

Defense Aerospace Lobbying

F-35’s ability to evade budget cuts illustrates challenge of paring defense spending

The Most Expensive Military Projects Of All Time

New Movie Documents Out of Control U.S. War Machine

Abrams Tank Pushed By Congress Despite Army's Protests

16 Ways to Cut Defense Spending

Dirty Wars: Jeremy Scahill and Rick Rowley's New Film Exposes Hidden Truths of Covert U.S. Warfare

At $130 Million A Plane, Critics Question The Cost Of The F-35

WAR Eats Up 53 Cents Of Every Tax Dollar

SIGAR Seeks Debarment of Contractors Who Aid the Enemy

Romney/Ryan plan on increasing Defense Spending STOP THE INSANITY

U.S. Arms Sales Make Up Most of Global Market

08-09-2012 U.S. still believes Iran NOT on verge of nuclear weapon

Panetta, in Israel, stresses that U.S. military action against Iran is option

Romney can't have it both ways on defense spending, tax cuts

Romney's Senior Advisor on Defense & Foreign Policy, Richard Williamson, confirms Romney would have us in Syria & Iran

Estimated cost of post-9/11 wars: 225,000 lives, up to $4 trillion

The U.S. Spends More On Defense than Next Top 14 Countries Combined

Lawmakers look for way out as defense cuts near:

CUT DEFENSE SPENDING - $721 billion in FY2011 employed 2.3 million people $313,000/employee

Two Very Troubled Fighter Jets

FRONTLINE: It’s Getting Easier to Fly Drones in the U.S.

05-18-2012 US House backs $642.5 billion defense budget for '13

74% of US public support cuts in defense spending, going beyond Obama and GOP

Public overwhelmingly supports large defense spending cuts

in ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, there are no savings...
we are/were fighting the wars and paying for DEFENSE SPENDING

How Much Does Washington Spend on "Defense"?

The Real Defense Budget

Military budget of the United States

Republicans, in Congress, SUCK, ON, AND, OFF OF, Defense Spending STOP THE INSANITY

Consulting the American People on National Defense Spending. 70% say cut by 18%:

Republican House panel OKs missile defense site on East Coast

World's top 15 military spenders
Figures sourced from the SIPRI Yearbook 2012.
Rank Country Spending ($ Bn.)
— World Total 1,630 2.6 100 1562.3
1. United States ....711.
2. China...............228
3. Russia...............93.7
4. United Kingdom..57.5
5. France...............50.1
6. Japan................44.7
7. Saudi Arabia.......58.8
8. India.................117.
9. Germany ...........40.4
10. Brazil.............33.8
11. Italy................28.5
12. South Korea.....42.1
13. Australia..........16.6
14. Canada...........19.9
15. Turkey...........25.2

President Eisenhower warned us about THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX

The U.S. spends 43% of all the money spent on defense .... and we're less than 5% of the world's population

the proposed 7% cut in Defense Spending,
should be considered a major insult by the American people....
the fraud rate, alone, in defense spending, is likely considerably higher than that.

Center for Public Integrity

67% Favor Ending U.S. Combat Role in Afghanistan by Next Year

Nuclear Evidence Against Iran Mounts
IAEA, Iran begin new nuke talks

National Debt Daily

Defense Spending Corruption

900 bases in 130+ countries
most managed by KBR of Halliburton fame
the $20 a plate people

Cost Of War

World Military Spending

Military Spending

The failure of the Super Committee allegedly specified a:
10 year $60 Billion/year Defense Spending Cut.

Republicans, led by AssHats,
Buck McKeon, Pat Toomey, Jon Kyl, John McCain, Lindsey Graham,
Kelly Ayotte, NEWT GINGRICH, JOHN BOLTON, and numerous other Republicans,
are already planning to prevent defense cuts

Romney is criticizing our troops leaving Iraq and disavowing the Agreed-To
Deficit Reduction Defense Spending Cuts
Santorum says he would bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities
unless inspectors were allowed in
If Gingrich becomes president, you can expect him to
launch a new war against Iran.

WAR MONGERING: Panetta: US Capable of Taking on Iran & North Korea

Brookings: ‘Horrific Provocation’ and ‘Tehran-Sponsored 9/11′ Needed to Trigger Iran Invasion

Nuclear Megatonnage

Only Ron Paul says, and actually means, "Bring Our Troops Home"

Obama Describes Refocused Strategy for Leaner Military:
A $487 Billion Dollar cut in Defense Spending over 10 years

it's way past time for an audit of all Defense Spending

....................IN TRILLIONS.................PERCENTAGE OF GDP
FY1996 1.458 1.560 = 0.102 = 05.2248 07.839 18.6% 19.9% 01.3%
FY1997 1.579 1.692 = 0.113 = 05.4131 08.332 19.0% 20.3% 01.3%
FY1998 1.721 1.651 = 0.070 = 05.5262 08.794 19.6% 18.8% ------
FY2009 2.105 3.518 = 1.413 = 11.9098 14.258 14.8% 24.7% 09.9%
FY2010 2.162 3.456 = 1.294 = 13.5616 14.530 14.8% 23.6% 08.8%
FY2011 2.302 3.601 = 1.299 = 14.7903 14.800e15.6% 24.3% 08.8%
National Debt Daily
FY2012 = 1.200 = 15.9903 xx.x% xx.x% 08.8% CBO SCORED

“There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by
the sword, the other is by debt.” ~John Adams


11.5% (266 billion) of our Total FY2011 Federal Revenues of $2.302 Trillion
was consumed by Interest on our Growing Public Debt

CBO: Net Interest on the Public Debt increased 16.7% in FY2011
as compared to FY2010

Debt Interest

there should not be a payroll tax cut for anybody;
allow the existing payroll tax cut to expire;

there should, instead, be a tax increase on the wealthiest among us ....

The Top 1%


Federal Income Tax 1994-2009


Hopefully cooler heads will prevail. It has been said that we are trying to tone it down

War is hell, and very expensive in terms of life, and treasure. There are those who will attempt to use this to attempt to increase our already exorbitant Defense Spending. As Eisenhower said ... Beware the Military Industrial Complex .... Newt Gingrich said he would have bombed North Korea long ago ... there are a lot of warmongers in our country. Even Romney wanted to increase our Defense Spending by $200 billion/year. It's very profitable for the wealthy, and the corporations.

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